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Sully Flats is located approximately 12 miles northeast of Gregory, South Dakota.  It is the largest town in Gregory County and was identified in the March 1992 issue of Fortune Magazine as the "Ground Zero of Pheasantdom."  Gregory, along with the adjoining town of Dallas, South Dakota offers fine dining and lounge opportunities.  The night clubs in Dallas, 4 miles west of Gregory, offer more exotic opportunities during most of the Fall hunting season.  Gambling is available, together with limousine service to four Indian casinos, Fort Randall, Rosebud, Lower Brule, and Fort Thompson.  The casinos are on Indian reservations.  The area also offers a number of unique gift and antique shops and historical tour opportunities.  There are five area golf courses all within an hour of the lodge!  And the spectacular Missouri River is located just 15 minutes away.



1.      Recommend I-90 from Sioux Falls west bound.
    Take Hwy 45 exit to Platte

2.    Take Hwy 44 West at Platte, cross the Missouri River and proceed up hill approximately 2 miles.

3.    *** Turn left on Hwy 1806 when arrow sign points to Burke

4.     Follow winding blacktop road for approximately 4 miles and then turn right on only blacktop road (follow sign pointing to Burke)

5.    Follow blacktop approximately 3 miles west to stop sign and turn left. 

6.    Proceed approximately 4 miles passing the town of Lucas (church on left) the proceed ½ mile past Lucas when blacktop bears right but go straight onto gravel road about 150 yds to Sully Flats (Big building on corner) with “Sully Flats” on North wall.

                 For detailed map, please click on the following links:

www.mapquest.com or http://maps.google.com and search Lucus, South Dakota
  Map of Lucus, SD
Click here for print out of map --> Map of Lucus, SD

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