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Sully Flats offers you a unique Experience....
With our own private property and land leases with other area landowners, you will never hunt the same area twice.  You will only hunt areas where pheasant habitat is the focus.  Food plots, shelter belts, and switch grass are planted and protected just for the pheasants.  Another important practice at Sully Flats is that year round trapping is done to minimize the predator factor to our pheasant population.

The right habitat in place in the right areas with the help of trapping enables Sully Flats to generate high populations of pheasants annually.  Our experienced guides will get you on the birds.

Book your hunt today!  Call
605-830-1362 and ask for
Charlie Johnson.

Welcome To Sully Flats

(prices subject to applicable sales tax anticipated at 5 1/2%)

Pheasant Hunting the Sully Flats Way
Welcome To Sully Flats

$ 500.00 a day per hunter plus 5 1/2% sales tax

This price includes:

  • lodging
  • 3 meals a day
  • simple bar
  • satellite TV
  • wireless internet
  • outdoor grills
  • RV hookups
  • maid service
  • full kitchen & dining room
  • game room
  • air conditioning
  • 6 restrooms
  • 22 beds
  • 11 bedrooms
  • bird cleaning
  • guides
  • transportation to the fields
  • hunting dogs
  • and an opportunity to shoot your limit

Printable Price List 

Merriman Turkey Hunt
Welcome To Sully Flats
For parties between 1 to 4:
3 day hunt -shotgun  $850.00
3 day hunt - archery $650.00

Printable Price List 
White Tail Deer Hunt
Welcome To Sully Flats
For parties between 1 to 3:

7 day hunt - rifle                   $1500.00

7 day hunt - archery            $1000.00


Summer Lodge Rental, Dove, Prairie Dog, and Coyote hunts
are also available.  
If interested, call 605-830-1362 or 605-835-9941
for rates and times.

Printable Price List 

All hunting trips include our Full Service Accommodations.
All hunters must be responsible in obtaining the proper licensing. 
For Licensing Information, go to www.sdgfp.info/


All hunters are required to agree to a hunting agreement and release with Sully Flats.
All hunts require a $200 deposit per hunter.

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